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About Us

MariTrain AB was founded by Captain Eddie Janson, in 2003 and offer Training, Inspections, Audits and Consultancy services for the Maritime industry. 


MariTrain AB has extensive experience within shipping and especially within the chemical/oil tanker industry with comprehensive knowledge about international rules and regulations as well as industry requirements and guidelines surrounding this part of the shipping industry. New rules and regulations are developed continuously due to industry development, incidents, environmental demands, technical development etc. MariTrain AB assists their customers in interpreting, understanding and implementing applicable new rules and regulations.

Quality Policy


MariTrain AB shall deliver services that fulfil or goes beyound our Clients' requirements and expectations and our ambition is to create long-term relations with our Clients.



In order to position MariTrain AB as a highly reputed provider of services amongst employees, clients and other stake-holders in the company shall;

  • Through a continuous dialogue with our Clients ensure that we understand their need and adjust the contents and extent of our support thereafter.

  • Provide our Clients with professional advice and assistance

  • Ensure that services delivered are in accordance with national and international rules, regulations and Industry Guidelines

  • Ensure that our staff members are competent for their assignment and realise that every achievement is important for the total quality.

  • Ensure that our staff members continuously develop within the competence areas of the company and keep updated of new and upcoming rules and regulations that affect education as well as consultancy services

  • Deliver our services in an efficient and timely manner

  • Establish measurable quality goals which will be continuously followed up and revised.

  • By continuous improvement adjust our operations in order to increase Customer’s satisfaction.


MariTrain celebrates 20 years as a reliable partner to the shipping industry.


Eddie Janson receives accreditation to perform audits for CDI`s International Marine Packed Cargo Audit Scheme (IMPCAS).


MariTrain gets accredited by the Port of Gothenburg to perform Green Bunkering Inspections.


MariTrain receives re-approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority to give the course Rules and Regulation for Masters on NIS ships.


Lloyds Register approves and certifies MariTrain's ISO 9001 quality management system.


Captain Eddie Janson of MariTrain gets accredited as an inspector for the Panama Bureau of Shipping.

Apollo Associated Services becomes Sologic. It is the same people but improved concept in Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Sologic provides RCA training, e-learning and consultancy services and assist their Customers in developing their RCA program and problem solving.


Captain Eddie Janson of MariTrain gets accredited as a CDI inspector.

MariTrain and Shipgaz initiate the e-learning venture “Shipgaz Training”


MariTrain initiate a cooperation with Apollo Associated Services Scandinavia AB for Root Cause Analysis training and consultancy.

MariTrain receives Approval from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate to run the course “Rules and Regulations for personnel serving on NIS ships”.


MariTrain was founded by Captain Eddie Janson.



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