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MariTrain have consultants with extensive experience from the shipping industri, mainly from the tanker, chemical and offshore industry and can assist Shipping Companies in areas such as (not limited to):

Light House on the Cliff
TMSA / OVMSA Gap analysis


In 2004 the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) published their Tanker Management Self Assessment (TMSA) program, which is a tool for tanker operators to measure and improve their Safety Management System. In the program Ship Managers are to assess themselves against against 13 elements, each consisting of four stages whereof stage one is the easiest to accomplish. Each stage consists of various numbers of KPI's. 

In the third quarter of 2011 a similar system for the Offshore Industry was launched, called Offshore Vessel Managers Self Assessment (OVMSA).

MariTrain assists in performing TMSA as well as OVMSA Gap analysis to find areas for improvements that helps Shipping Companies to achieve higher stages in the TMSA or OVMSA.

MariTrain also assists with implementing procedures that are not already in place.

Emergency Drills


Emergency Drills is a way to test the effectiveness of your Emergency Prepardeness. MariTrain can plan, organize and evaluate a drill. Based on the result we can suggest improvements to you emergency system.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments are required by the ISM code and a vital part of both OCIMF's TMSA and OVMSA. More important is that proper Risk Assessment can prevent accidents!

MariTrain assists with everything from implementing a risk assessment program to advise on best practises.

Flag-registrations / Re-flagging


MariTrain can assist in the process of flag-registrations and has previous experience of the flagstates Sweden, Faroe Islands, NIS, UK, Isle of Man, Bahamas, Liberia, Panama, Portugal and Cyprus.

Root Cause Analysis


MariTrain works closely together Sologic Root Cause Analysis.



MariTrain can assist in development of the following manuals:



Recovery of persons from the water




Fire & Safety Training

Ballast Water



Ship to Ship Transfer

Mooring Management Plan

ISO 9001


MariTrain can assist in implementing and improve quality systems as per the standard ISO 9001 as well as perform internal audit of existing systems.

Vetting Superintendent


MariTrain can in addition to do Pre-Vetting inspection assist through the whole process.

Two to three weeks before a scheduled Vetting inspection one of MariTrain’s superintendents board the vessel and prepare an action list based on a Pre-Vetting inspection. A couple of days before the actual inspection the Superintendent returns to the vessel to verify that all items has been rectified and prepares the vessel for inspection.  After the inspection we assist in performing a Root Cause analysis on any observation and to prepare a good reply.

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